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Your oral health has many intimate links to your overall health and happiness and goes beyond just a great smile. The mouth is as they say ‘the gateway to the body’. Poor oral health has been linked to cardiovascular disease and other major systemic diseases. A common contribution to these negative outcomes includes a lack of oral hygiene, infrequent dental checkups, limited access and long waiting periods to clinics (AIH). In this post, we’ll define Dental Passport and how we strive to overcome barriers that affect seeing a dentist such as access, cost and fear in order to improve dental health for all!

What is Dental Passport?

Dental Passport is a new patient engagement experience platform that aims to provide patients with “Scans Before Visits”.

Why is Dental Passport is Important?

Dental Passport enables you and your dental clinic to start your treatment plan without delay. This is important for many factors.

  • limits the amount of potentially preventable hospitalisations. Conditions such as dental abscesses can become serious and require emergency admission to the hospital. 72,000 hospitalisations were caused in 2017 in Australia through preventable dental issues

  • 4 in 10 Australians delayed or avoid visits due to cost (AIH). However, Dental Passport can help lower the cost of Dental treatment. Getting ‘Scans Before Visits’ takes a more preventative approach rather than a reactive approach. This may help address conditions at an early stage leading to a better health outcome now, and the reduction of expensive treatments later.

  • Increasing access to dental services is important for Dental Passport. Embracing state of the art Dental Imaging technology allows dental services to be accessed in more convenient locations such as pharmacies and even in remote areas, that have no access to dental services.

How does it work?

By simply visiting a scan location such as a pharmacy your trained Dental Passport host will carry out a 5-minute scan using the first hybrid dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral colour and NIRI images. This screening scan allows our team of Annotating Dentists to create a report that will be sent to your App and your preferred Dentist/Clinic, so you are prepared and informed about the general state of your teeth. The scan also shows your dentist things they wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye such as wear progression, your bite, and an increase in recession overall allowing for a more tailored individual treatment plan. Dental Passport enables your journey to better oral health to be a smoother one.

If you don’t have a trusted Dentist or clinic that’s ok, we can recommend one to you on our dental passport platform!

How do I get a scan?

Get a Dental Passport scan at your local pharmacy to empower you with the data you need to engage with your dentist to achieve the best possible health outcome for you.

Request a Scan and start your Dental Treatment Plan Today!