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We experience a wide range of issues dentists and patients experience every single day. Our ‘why’ is to move the needle within society by reducing the prevalence of the most common and preventable disease in the world – Dental Decay and Gum Disease! Solutions to these problems have been hard to solve, until now…

The world is a rapidly changing place, and we see a bright future for Dentistry as a whole. We have harnessed the incredible 3D scanning capability of the iTero 5D and are making it accessible to you on the Dental Passport Platform.

We are lowering these barriers to improved healthcare in an innovative and newly defined way.

We believe that a truly sustainable newly defined model needs to have a positive outcome for all, and at Dental Passport, we have an answer so dentists and their patients see a large improvement in the current status quo.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (No. 3) is the bedrock of what we are striving to achieve to ensure that we leave this planet in a better state than when we inherited it.

Barriers to good dental health








Dr Michael Reilly

Local Dentist

Newcastle, Australia

“Passionate about making lasting positive impacts in the dental world”

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