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Oral Health Therapist

Our purpose is to break down barriers for the patient and dentist to improve clinical outcomes using cutting-edge digital platforms and hardware.

Thank you for being part of the journey.

Dental Passport as an OHT

We understand your time is very important to you. This is why we at Dental Passport believe you need to take the time to be part of something special in the world of digital dentistry. We are building a better way of improving the dental health of all Australians, and that starts with lowering the barriers of cost, increasing access, and reducing fear.

We take a 3D digital scan outside of the traditional dental clinic setting which is then reviewed by accredited platform dentists who complete a screening report that is sent to the patient’s dentist

Advantages for an OHT


Proficiency in Digital 3D Scanning Techniques


Opportunity to improve soft skills vital to building rapport with patients


Exposure to new technological advancements such as NIRI (caries diagnosis tool) digital occlusal analysis, wear and recession monitoring timelapse


Opportunities to work alongside our partnered dentists & local charities as a chance to give back to those in need


Potential Career options with us at Dental Passport

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