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Our purpose is to break down barriers for the patient and dentist to improve clinical outcomes using cutting-edge digital platforms and hardware.

Thank you for being part of the journey.

What to Expect

Dental Passport is a platform that enables you as a dentist to triage your patients in a digital waiting room.

The treatment planning process starts with a “Scans before visits” Dental Passport scan. Your patient engagement has a virtual element that enables you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Managing the patient treatment planning on the Dental Passport platform helps streamline your workflow and allows you to screen for issues before the patient has taken a seat in your chair. Your patient can also better visualise and understand their dental pathology and treatment plan. 

The patient is consented and understands that the Dental Passport scan and the subsequent screening report from Dental Passport is not a diagnostic report.

Dental Passport enables you to start the treatment planning discussion before the patient books into your dental chair.

Also, for existing patients, the platform enables you as a Dentist to provide an additional layer of service that doesn’t exist today.  

Let’s work together to help define the new way for better patient engagement and health outcomes.

What’s Included


Improved Efficiency


Screen the patient before they enter the clinic


Increased patient return and retention


Increased positive patient experience


Ethical Dentistry


Re-activate lapsed patients


Provide better health outcomes to patients


Increase patient throughputs through dental clinics

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